In mid-2016, SAP released the first version of the new-generation CMS management module, SmartEdit 6.0. All further versions were updating this module while old CMS Cockpit hasn’t been changed for years. Of course, SAP plans to sunset the legacy WCMS, and they consider SmartEdit as a “new WCMS”. I was wondering is SmartEdit ready to replace CMS Cockpit?

The CMS is a subject close to me. Many years ago I was heading the CMS development project and dealing with the challenges on how to make the CMS functional and convenient, how to find a right balance between feature richness and simplicity, and how to find a solution that would be extremely flexible and configurable to an organization’s needs. It’s an intense subject.

In this article, I am trying to compare the functionality of SmartEdit and WCMS and highlight my personal view on advantages and weaknesses of these solutions. The official “feature parity” is published on SAP Hybris Help, but it doesn’t answer all my questions.

You will know why the ‘#’ create issues when used in hybris forms, why salt is with pepper in hybris, how Reagan becomes the President of Russia in hybris tests, how to fix the HAC madness, and how to figure out the website is built with SAP hybris. Today’s article is to entertain and educate. Some of the findings are really useful while others help you to start a week with a smile! 🙂

This summary shows the key enhancements, new modules and capabilities of SAP Hybris 6.7. The new version of the popular platform was released today.

In this post, I share some interesting material collected in March 2018. Hybris Deep Dive. Free e-book about microservices. Image similarity for filling attribution gaps. Deep learning in a nutshell. Product recommendation best practices. Examples of AI in retail and e-commerce. Better search. Checklist for improving e-commerce conversion. Worthy reading.

In this article, I share my experience with screenshot testing tool. I created it to track changes of the large content website and alert if the changes turn out unexpected. Although this solution was created specifically for SAP hybris, this approach will work with any software: it is technology or platform agnostic.

I updated the upgrade map for SAP hybris Commerce.

Using this reference you’ll be able to find a list of the capabilities you get if you upgrade your hybris from a version X to a version Y, grouped by a topic.

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This article explains how to create a copy of the product or content catalog. For example, you may want to create a second store taking the existing as a starting point, or you may want to have a new country version of the existing e-shop. You can use this approach to create your own custom data exporter, with data transformation rules or special data handling.

In this article, I share a bunch of the scripts I use in my work. All these scripts are used as templates for something special. The first script is used to convert FlexibleSearch queries into raw SQL. The second script shows all hybris types that use the particular type.  The third one will help you with executing DDL queries on the database server remotely (such as ALTER TABLE, for example). I also provide the script for printing the database table structure and the indexes defined for it.