In a continuation of my previous research article on insights into the usage history of various SAP Commerce Cloud (Hybris) versions over a period of years, let’s see how the recent release of SAP Commerce Cloud v2005 impacts my previous commentary. Read More »
This research article takes a look at the usage history of various SAP Commerce Cloud (Hybris) versions over a period of years, garnering insights into how the ecosystem of SAP Commerce Cloud (Hybris) solution owners react and respond to new releases and if/how they opt to upgrade to those newer versions. Will these insights match your expectations & experiences? Read More »
Come take a look into the 1811 release. We’ll cover cool and interesting new features, enhancements, and changes, and offer some commentary on what we like and what we like… less. Judge for yourself what SAP did well and what might warrant some extra polish. Read More »
The hot trends in e-commerce have shifted recently. Microservices, headless e-commerce, AI, voice and other technologies & designs are all the rage. In this article, we will take an extensive look at headless e-commerce, in the context of a “best of breed” solution involving the #1 e-commerce solution, SAP Commerce Cloud, and a top ranking CMS solution, Sitecore. Learn why this type of solution makes sense for certain enterprises, what the benefits are, and see for yourself the solution in action through General Electric Healthcare’s live solution. Read More »
Writing software is easy. Maintaining it and evolving it over the long haul is hard. And the business reality around finding time and money to refactor code in support of this makes this even harder. This is the “refactoring challenge” all product companies face. In this article, I will explore how well (or not) Hybris (now SAP) has done in keeping the Hybris Commerce codebase “fresh” and overcoming the “refactoring challenge”. Read More »
v1808 introduced a new versioning feature for SAP Commerce Cloud’s CMS capabilities. But how does it stack up against industry leading CMS solutions? We asked one of EPAM’s leading CMS experts to weigh in. Read More »