In this section, I present my scripts and tools I use actively for troubleshooting and data analysis.

hybris Groovy Console scripts

    • Part 1.

      • Display any file on the server
      • Execute a command
      • Show last N lines from the console log
      • Execute a flexible search query
      • Execute a raw SQL query
      • Retrieve an item by PK
      • Modifying objects
      • Removing items
      • Sending data by e-mail
      • Importing IMPEX
      • Print all properties of an object
      • Print all methods of an object
      • Print the hybris type tree
      • Print hybris type stats
    • Part 2

      • add any class to the logging subsystem
      • print a bean list from the particular context
      • execute a method from the page controller from HAC/Groovy console
      • print all URLs from all controllers (request mappings)
      • print all web contexts
    • Part 3

      • Flexible Search Query Generator
    • Part 4

      • External references to an object
    • Part 5

      • Restart hybris server from HAC
      • Generating SQL for Flexible Search
      • All hybris types that use the particular type
      • Executing SQL
      • Print mysql table structure from hybris HAC
      • Print all indexes
    • Part 6

      • Executing an SQL Query. For hybris 6.0+
      • Accessing the file system and fetching a text file via HAC
      • Invalidating a cache for a particular item
      • Executing the multi-column flexibleSearch
      • Executing a long/resource-intensive groovy script

    Hybris Runtime Developer Tools



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