Visual representation of hybris data model (items.xml)

  • Features:
    • Processing all/selected hybris Types of the all/selected hybris Extensions
    • Detailization control: some/all attributes on/off
    • Enabling/disabling showing many-to-many relations
  • Architecture:
    • implemented as regular hybris addon (localextension.xml). No Update is required.
    • Generates graphviz script (“dot” language, digraph). The extension uses Graphviz to convert the diagram into PNG. Graphviz is not required, but highly recommended. In case of the no-graphviz configuration you will need to use online graphviz processors.
  • Screenshots:

User interface

image2016-5-26 0-55-36

Customer Review data model

image2016-5-26 0-42-30

Wishlist data model

image2016-5-26 0-43-22

Simplified ERD of “promotion” module

image2016-5-26 0-43-39.png

A fragment of simplified CMS module

image2016-5-26 0-44-8

This version is an alpha preview. The beta version of the extension is supposed to be available for download soon. Stay tuned!


  1. Rauf, this looks great! Is there any way to check out this alpha version? I’ve been wanting to get a visual represenation of my data models.


    1. Please send me a short e-mail to
      I will reply with the link


  2. Nitin Shingne · · Reply

    Rauf you have been helping the hybris community globally! Please keep it up. I shall send you an e-mail request for the link plz.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you!


  3. Yassine Zeroual · · Reply

    Great job, it’s really important to have a big picture of the structure of the database, I would be most grateful if you could provide me this version.


    1. Hybris doesn’t work with the database directly. The ERD would be too huge and it would have too many links for one big picture


  4. Hi Rauf,

    Is it beta version is avaiable now? Please share the links

    Many Thanks,


  5. Gernot Wagner · · Reply

    hi. is the version on github the latest or any other ressources (kindly!) available to test? BR Gernot


    1. The PoC is available publicly, the full featured script is not, unfortunately.


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