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Come take a look into the v2005 release of SAP Commerce Cloud. I’ll cover cool and interesting new features, enhancements, and changes, and offer some commentary on what I like and what I like… less. Judge for yourself what SAP did well and what might warrant some extra polish.

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Being at Crossroads, Take a Perspective View
I often interview strong Java developers who were offered a move to SAP Commerce. What I see regularly is uncertainty and sometimes reluctance to learn SAP Commerce.

Some say they believe they won’t be able to use the knowledge and experience anywhere else in their careers.

Some of them see this move as ‘boxing’ themselves in. 

It is generally believed that focusing on the niche product may cause taking a lot of time in the future to get re-trained for a different product or technology if the current market conditions change and SAP Commerce will fade in relevance and popularity. Proprietary platforms come and go, and developers feel afraid to find themselves with useless knowledge and meaningless experience. 

Even though I generally share the view and arguments above, I also believe that SAP Commerce is a special case. What I want to leave you, then, is with the explanation of why I think so. 

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On May 19th, 2020, Forrester released their Forrester Waves™ for B2C Commerce Suites and B2B Commerce Suites. Find out how SAP Commerce Cloud (Hybris) fared. Would you score it the same?
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In today’s article, we talk about things normally considered as controversial and inapplicable. We explain the techniques on how to bypass the Commerce Cloud ORM layer and directly interact with database tables to provide faster reads and writes. This article explains how to do it and how to do it properly if using direct database access is the best solution for the task. When is it the best solution and what things you need to take into account if you decide to go this way? Read More »
In a continuation of my previous research article on insights into the usage history of various SAP Commerce Cloud (Hybris) versions over a period of years, let’s see how the recent release of SAP Commerce Cloud v2005 impacts my previous commentary. Read More »
This research article takes a look at the usage history of various SAP Commerce Cloud (Hybris) versions over a period of years, garnering insights into how the ecosystem of SAP Commerce Cloud (Hybris) solution owners react and respond to new releases and if/how they opt to upgrade to those newer versions. Will these insights match your expectations & experiences? Read More »
This quick post is about how to troubleshoot issues with Cronjob, specifically on the situation when a cronjob is not started. Read More »
Product data integration is an essential component of almost all e-commerce solutions. For large and frequently updated catalogs, there are common challenges related to concurrent data modifications. In this article, I explain one of them: how to update the products and categories in a safe and reliable manner. Read More »
If you need to create complex behavior from the simulated virtual users in the load test, the built-in capabilities of out-of-the-shelf products may not be sufficient. For example, parsing output formats from an API response to create the formatted inputs for an API request may be difficult for a particular load testing tool, but a quick and easy exercise for a high-level programming language.One of the possible ways is using designated libraries to write our own simple load generator from scratch. For our project, this approach has proven to be a faster and reliable way to address the concurrency issues in the SAP Commerce Cloud custom code.  In this article, we explain how to write a load generator from scratch with Python.  Read More »

When the coronavirus outbreak happened in China, it boosted local e-commerce as many stuck at their homes forced to buy their goods online. Sales of fresh food on reportedly jumped 215% during the 10-day period and counting. The ability to serve a large number of customers is growing every year. The traffic may be doubled in a week. How to make sure your system is capable to serve high traffic demand? In today’s article I’m sharing my experience with Tsung, a high-performance testing framework.

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