SAP Commerce Developers Toolset: a free IntelliJ plugin for SAP Commerce Development

In this article, we would introduce “SAP Commerce Developers Toolset” as a free open-source solution for IntelliJ IDEA IDE. A big part of our developer’s community uses IntelliJ IDEA as the main IDE for development work as well as for self-education reasons. Thanks to JetBrains, IntelliJ IDEA has a flexible plugin system that helps developers to use frameworks in more comfortable, faster and easier way. One of the most important adjuncts for SAP Commerce developers during a long time was a “hybris integration” plugin. As a result of the hard work of original creators over the past 5 years, the software engineers were able to use IntelliJ IDEA for SAP Commerce development. However, due to objective reasons, that the SAP Commerce integration plugin is not free anymore. Therefore, with great respect and gratitude to the original contributors, EPAM decided to keep freedom of distribution and took responsibility for support and enhance free plugin solution for IntelliJ IDEA under the name “SAP Commerce Developers Toolset“. Currently, we have already released our first version compatible with Intellij IDEA 2019.2. You can download and install it in next ways:
  1. Internally via IntelliJ IDEA marketplace, just typing the name “SAP Commerce Developers Toolset” in the plugin search dialog
  2. Download and install manually following this link.
As already mentioned, EPAM is a facilitator of this project, however, each open-source development inception based on human enthusiasm and common understanding of the main goal. We strive to facilitate development and save developers interactions with SAP Commerce platform comfortable within IntelliJ IDEA IDE as they used to with the original plugin. Hence our priority goal is an alignment of the functionality of paid and free versions as well as enrich the free community version with new features. The first steps have been already taken. The widely used valuable tool in SAP Commerce development is now available for everyone. Next stage is to expand contribution to this project from “EPAM-only” to all our great SAP Commerce community. We are focusing on getting feedback about any issues, differences with the paid version, based on user experience. Please feel free to give feedback to Developers who work with the plugin on day by day basis and who feel there is a room for improvement, who is full of new ideas are invited to take a part in this project and freely partake in the fruits of sharing. Relies on that development philosophy we strongly encourage collaborations. Technically, it might be done via pull request approach. As in every open source or commercial project, every contribution should bring value and be properly explained. Collaborators should understand the responsibility and relate to their code changes attentively. All existed features were originally made by developers to developers and further improvements also have to keep usability and usefulness. The code is distributed under GNU Lesser General Public License 3.0  and hosted on GitHub. Key features:
  • Import of Hybris extensions to IntelliJ IDEA with automatic dependency resolution and classpath configuration optimized for fast compilation and correct unit and integration tests execution.
  • Automatic configuration of Spring, Web, Ant, Database Connector IntelliJ IDEA plugins.
  • Import your custom Eclipse, Maven and Gradle extensions together with Hybris platform.
  • Custom editor for flexible Search queries with an ability to execute them on a remote Hybris instance right from your IDE by single click of a button.
  • Custom editor for impex files with automatic formatting, find usages and go to declaration actions, validation and import of impexes into a remote Hybris instance right from your IDE by single click of a button.
  • Custom editor for items.xml with validation, best-practices analyses, quick-fix autosuggestion and easy navigation.
  • Custom editor for beans.xml with custom automated IntelliJ refactoring actions.
  • Enhanced project view tree.
  • JRebel and DCEVM support.
  • Execution of Flexible Search queries, Groovy scripts, Impexes though IDE using HAC Integration tool.
  • Execution of queries on remote Solr instances.
  • And much more!..

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