Welcome back! Time has flown by since that first commit to the Plugin repository back in October 2022. With each new day and line of code, the Plugin has evolved, becoming a powerful tool for SAP Commerce developers.

In this article, we’re diving into the features that have emerged between versions 2023.1.1 and 2023.2.7 of the Plugin. No need for elaborate words, let’s get straight to the highlights:

  • Project Import 2.0: An upgraded import process with automatic database integration and improved module management.
  • Kotlin Integration: Now supporting Kotlin language seamlessly, making development smoother.
  • CCv2 Enhancements: New icons and seamless module imports for CCv2. Improved HAC cluster support, OCC enhancements, and better Groovy script management.
  • FlexibleSearch 2.0: A revamped FlexibleSearch language with new icons, folding, and improved formatting.
  • Type System Evolution: Fresh icons for various types and relations, and a diagramming experience for Type System in Intellij IDEA Ultimate.
  • Business Process Refinements: Better code completion, custom language injections, and enhanced scripting support for business processes.
  • ImpEx Power-ups: Improved code completion, macro handling, and sld.enabled modifier support for ImpEx files.
  • Bean System Mastery: New icons, code completion, and reference enhancements for beans, with conversion possibilities on the horizon.
  • User Rights 2.0: Revamped User Rights support in ImpEx files, making management more intuitive.
And that’s just the tip of the iceberg! Dive into the Plugin’s GitHub repository, contribute, and embrace the future of SAP Commerce development. Stay tuned for more updates and improvements as we continue this journey together! Read More »
In my previous article on the Intellij IDEA Plugin (“Plugin”), I described the huge leap forward of the free & open-source SAP Commerce Developers Toolset Intellij IDEA Plugin, documenting myriad of new features, enhancements, and fixes. This article continues the story and will cover changes included in the next version 2023.1.

The article highlights improvements such as:

  • API Usage: How JetBrains’s latest batch of deprecated APIs impacts the plugin.
  • SAP Commerce in the Public Cloud (CCv2): Dive into the new features simplifying developers’ lives, including the addition of code contributions based on JSON schema.
  • SAP Data Hub on CCv2: Explore the complexities and solutions offered for projects utilizing SAP Data Hub.
  • JavaScript Storefront: The essential tools and updates for developers working in the SAP Public Cloud.
  • Type System: Discover the new usability improvements in preview mode and items.xml.
  • ImpEx & FlexibleSearch: Understand the nuances and tweaks in action group displays and custom icons.
  • Cockpit NG System: From commons to the business process, take a look at the new references added.
  • Extension Info: Dive deep into the added extras for extensioninfo.xml.

…and a plethora of other essential updates, adjustments, and fixes to ensure smoother, more efficient operations for SAP Commerce developers.

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It has been over three years since Mykyta Kostiuk published his article that launched the SAP Commerce Developers Toolset IDEA Plugin (“Plugin”) as EPAM’s “give back” to the Hybris community. EPAM has been providing continuous support to the Plugin, ensuring its compatibility with each IDEA release, enabling developers to work seamlessly on SAP Commerce (Hybris) & SAP Commerce Cloud. In this article, Mykhailo Lytvyn shares the latest updates following the active development that began in October 2022. You will find a comprehensive overview of the changes made to the Plugin from version v2022.2 to v2022.3.1, along with upcoming plans and ideas for the future. Read More »