Rauf Aliev, Timofey Klyubin – hybrismart | SAP hybris under the hood

Over the last years, there has been a huge boost in the popularity of headless eCommerce. Many chose this approach to give more flexibility and freedom around the front-end of their site and how their product catalog is showcased. Creating the storefront from scratch is challenging and full of fun, but very risky if your team doesn’t know this topic inside out.

Vue Storefront is known as an open-source mobile-first Progressive Web App storefront, one of two free PWA-ready storefront frameworks available on the market.

In this article, Rauf Aliev and Timofey Klyubin explained how Vue Storefront and SAP Commerce can be integrated together. Advantages, limitations, technological “pitfalls”, rejected and chosen solutions, and a demo of what was accomplished.