In this article, Sergei shares his experience with Spring Integration in the clustered environment. Spring Integration requires special configuration to avoid the concurrency issues. The article explains how this configuration can be done within SAP hybris Commerce.

A synonym is a word having the same or nearly the same meaning as another word or other words in a language. In any search engine, handling synonyms is very important. In SAP Hybris Commerce, synonyms are handled by Apache SOLR, the built-in search engine. The phrase search gives the product a higher position in the search results if any of the product attributes configured as searchable contain the whole user query. 

In this article, I present my PoC that demonstrates the better synonym handling and enhanced phrase search in hybris. 

This article began with the simple question: why the search query “camera lenses” leads to tripods in the Electronics SAP Hybris demo storefront rather than the camera lenses products? There is a relevant category named “camera lenses” and a product having “Lens” in its name. In the article, I explain all details of relevance score calculation and also show how to configure the hybris search module better.

I attempted to structure the information about SAP Hybris Commerce 6.4 features and limitations. The resulting table shows what is included and what is not. Note that there are two dimensions, accelerators and feature groups.

This is a reference about what you get if you decide to upgrade SAP hybris Commerce to the newer version. Find your current SAP hybris version in the table and find all features you get with the upgrade. The features listed are introduced with the newer versions (till 6.4), grouped by topic.

I would like to introduce my new PoC for automatic facet discovery. It sets up the facets based on the customer requests, the words used in the search query.  For example, “blue armada jacket XXL” will show the products with a keyword “jacket” with three facets automatically set up, color=blue, brand=armada and size=XXL. You can find a video demonstrating how it works on top of hybris accelerators. 

This article explains how to generate/modify PDFs using various methods, libraries and tools. I also introduce my PoC on generating PDFs using the PDF templates created in Word/Excel and having fixed placeholders or dynamic substitution tags (such as {FIRSTNAME} or {CURRENTDATE})