Our article explores a solution used by EPAM for the customer from the retail optical industry, where thousands of products require precise price calculations. The conventional SAP Commerce approach, using a database-backed cart, proved time-consuming, platform-overloading, and inefficient for that specific case. To address these challenges, a new approach was devised: the InMemoryCart solution. This capability is a part of SAP Commerce, yet surprisingly, it remains underutilized and relatively obscure. Unlike the regular Cart, InMemoryCart doesn’t rely on the database but on the memory user session bound object, JaloSession. This innovative solution helped to overcome the complexities and achieve the required level of performance of the pricing calculation process, significantly improving efficiency and page loading times. By shifting the promotional calculations to InMemoryCart, while customers still interact with a regular Cart, this solution has yielded remarkable results, including shortening calculation times on Product Details Pages (PDP) to as low as 100 milliseconds and achieving consistent results for bundles configurator. Read More ยป