Multi-country content catalogs
 Situation There are N regional websites, one per country. The global marketing teams are responsible for global content. The local marketing teams should be able to manage local content only. Global teams should be able to manage some local content also if they… Read More »
Hybris 6 "Could have fired" messages (PoC)
Situation “Could Have Fired” message indicates that the criteria of the promotion has been partially fulfilled. For example, when you have two products in your cart and the promotion for the three products (like buy 3 get 1 free), the ‘could have… Read More »
Apache SOLR 6 with SAP hybris 6
Situation As of today, SAP hybris officially supports Apache SOLR 5.3. This version of the search engine was released in August 2015. SOLR 6 released in April 2016. It has a number of new features as (in order of importance for… Read More »
Hybris 6.0 promotion engine customization (PoC)
Situation Hybris 6.0 uses the brand-new rule-based promotion engine. In past versions, the Hybris promotion engine was lacking in relation to Oracle ATG Web Commerce. The new engine provides the flexibility needed to generate all types of promotions simply and… Read More »
Using hybris PCM for handling non-product items
Situation There are the following business requirements for one of the grocery stores: add a news feed with news categories and add a recipe list with recipes filtering cross-links with products: each recipe may be linked with ingredients from the product… Read More »
Knowledge map for SAP hybris Commerce exams: © Rauf Aliev, June 2016 Read More »