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  1. Julio Argüello

    Julio Argüello


    25 November 2016 at 04:25

    How would you deal with PDP page with this POC? I mean, if a user belonging to an (availability) group with no access to product B (with code ‘b’), how would you restrict this customer access to the the URL (/p/b) by himself?

    In our case we have made a similar solution to yours but the source of truth regarding stock is Hybris anyway and:
    a) Hybris feeds Solr with this info
    b) PDP has an availability check at the very beginning (if no access then 404 HTTP status is returned)

    Do NOTE a ‘very skilled’ customer could anyway add a restricted product to its cart (changing the request) but at the very end, during the checkout the item would be removed anyway.

  2. Shinu Suresh (@shinusuresh)

    Shinu Suresh (@shinusuresh)


    16 December 2016 at 00:42

    Good article. BTW, can you put the schema and solrconfig in public domain too.
    Now they are hosted in EPAM Confluence

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