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Highlighting in Hybris Search
This post is about on how to make product classification attributes searchable and how to highlight the search results. Read More »
Hybris + SolrCloud: sharding and distributed indexing
The traditional Hybris Solr cluster has a number of drawbacks, including a lack of failover and scaling capabilities. In this post, I explore SolrCloud as one of the possible options for resolving these issues. Read More »
Situation Today’s challenge is about comprehensive pricing. 500,000 customers have unique prices for 180 products. In total, 90,000,000 priced items are in the system. Having logged, the customers should see their personal price. This is an extreme case of customer group… Read More »
Apache SOLR 6 with SAP hybris 6
Situation As of today, SAP hybris officially supports Apache SOLR 5.3. This version of the search engine was released in August 2015. SOLR 6 released in April 2016. It has a number of new features as (in order of importance for… Read More »