Category: Product Management

Image Crop & Resize in Product Cockpit
I would like to demonstrate the proof of concept of crop and resize functionality for hybris. It is well-integrated into Product cockpit and very convenient in use. With this feature, you will be able to significantly improve the product management process without losing flexibility. Read More »
hybris Marketplace PoC: 2,000,000 products, 15,000 categories, 6000 search facets
This proof-of-concept is about the hybris-based marketplace solution. It has 2 million products, thousands of categories and facets. All this stuff works well on the regular laptop. Read More »
Using hybris PCM for handling non-product items
Situation There are the following business requirements for one of the grocery stores: add a news feed with news categories and add a recipe list with recipes filtering cross-links with products: each recipe may be linked with ingredients from the product… Read More »