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Image Crop & Resize in Product Cockpit

I would like to demonstrate the proof of concept of crop and resize functionality for hybris. It is well-integrated into Product cockpit and very convenient in use. With this feature, you will be able to significantly improve the product management process without losing flexibility.

Using hybris rule engine for product recommendations

I managed to leverage hybris rule engine (Drools based) for the rule-based product recommendations. The existing hybris rule builder allows you to easily set up the comprehensive recommendation rules.

hybris Marketplace PoC: 2,000,000 products, 15,000 categories, 6000 search facets

This proof-of-concept is about the hybris-based marketplace solution. It has 2 million products, thousands of categories and facets. All this stuff works well on the regular laptop.

Using hybris PCM for handling non-product items

Situation There are the following business requirements for one of the grocery stores: add a news feed with news categories and add a recipe list with recipes filtering cross-links with products: each recipe may be linked with ingredients from the product catalog, relevant recipes at the product page A general approach to implement these requirements is the following: Create […]