SAP Commerce Cloud’s modular DTO generation system, while robust, sometimes falls short for developers seeking advanced customization, such as specific annotations or dynamic DTO generation strategies. The solution? An underexplored, undocumented hints mechanism that offers a deeper level of customization by allowing the injection of custom logic into DTO generation.

This mechanism represents a significant opportunity for those looking to push beyond the platform’s standard capabilities, offering a pathway to tailor DTO generation precisely. However, navigating this feature requires insight into SAP Commerce Cloud’s DTO generation mechanism, including custom post-processors and XML configuration parsing.

Our article serves as a guide for developers eager to explore this advanced customization layer, detailing the steps to effectively utilize the hints mechanism without delving into the technical complexities here. Discover how to harness the full power of undocumented hints for your DTO customization needs in SAP Commerce Cloud by exploring our comprehensive exploration.

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