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Hybris Runtime Development Tools

Hybris Runtime Development Tools

Hybris Runtime Development tools is a set of the web/command-line utilities for hybris developers to progress faster with the everyday tasks and troubleshooting. Each utility is available both as a command-line application and as an API interface. So you can combine these components freely with your own toolset, both web-based and standalone.

  • hybrisFlexibleSearch (100% ready)
    • REST API and a console tool to FlexibleSearchService,
    • FlexibleSearch command-line interface,
    • Various output formats, such as TXT, TSV, CSV, XML,
    • Using pipes and filters (grep, awk, perl etc),
    • Cascade reference resolution (no more PK is in output),
    • Handy for testing and troubleshooting
    • Search by PK. No need to specify a type, just a PK.
    • FlexibleSearch built-in beautifier (reformatter) 
    • Supporting a registry of hybris types without unique fields for proper resolution (
    • Mixing types in Select is available now
  • hybrisBeans (100% ready)
    • REST API and console tool with the common configuration,
    • Shows the information about the specific bean,
    • Changing bean values (!) on the fly.
  • hybrisMedia  (100% ready)
    • REST API and console interface to Media resources
    • requesting information about the media item by code
    • saving/displaying the media item by code
    • uploading media files by media code
  • hybrisConfiguration  (100% ready)
    • all configuration parameters with values
    • changing configuration parameters (key/value)
    • syncronization configuration parameters in memory with configuration files
  • hybrisLog (100% ready)
    • displaying current log entries (like tail -f logfile)
    • changing the logger configuration (setting up the log level for any of thousands available classes)
  • hybrisCronjob (100%)
    • Displaying all the cronjob
    • Starting / stopping cronjobs
    • Changing cronjob attributes
  • hybrisSession (0%)
    • REST API and console interface to sessions
    • Changing session attributes
  • hybrisUsers (0%)
    • REST API and console interface to the user and customer service
    • sets up a current user by login
    • change user-related runtime information
  • hybrisSOLR (0%)
    • REST API and console interface to SOLR search and SOLR indexer
    • start/stop index
    • request for SOLR data
    • REST API and console tool with the common configuration
    • Execute groovy scripts easily
  • hybrisPWS (0%)
    • console interface to Platform Web Services

This tool is a part of my hybris Runtime Developer tools package. It allows showing one-page all-in-one information about hybris beans using the command line interface.