SAP HYBRIS: Thinking Outside the Box. PART 5 [VIDEO, RUSSIAN + ENGLISH]. Bulk search. Geofencing. Drools Fusion. Rule-based recommendations.

In this article, you will find the FIFTH part of the 3-hour presentation given by Rauf Aliev (EPAM SAP hybris Solution Architect) in SAP Moscow on Sep 29, 2017. The video is originally in Russian. However, I translated it to English and added the subtitles to let you watch it without turning the sound on. If you speak Russian, I recommend watching the original version.
  • Multi-line search / Bulk search. I explain the architecture of the multi-line search module for B2C and B2B solutions. Just cut-and-Paste a list of SKUs or a list of product names into a search box and create an order directly from there. I published earlier in this blog:
  • Geofencing. A geofence is a virtual perimeter or a fence around a geographical real-world area of interest. In this article, I introduced a proof-of-concept that demonstrates the power of geofencing in the e-commerce. In the video, I explain the details.
  • Personalization and complex event processing using Drools Fusion. In this article, I introduced the first results of Drools Fusion and Hybris integration. The solution explained in this article and video allows you to create customer behavior driven e-commerce websites with real-time personalization and customer segmentation capabilities. The approach can be also used for the monitoring and the lean data processing.
  • Recommendations using Drools and hybris Rule Engine/Rule Builder. I managed to leverage hybris rule engine (Drools based) for the rule-based product recommendations. The existing hybris rule builder allows you to easily set up the comprehensive recommendation rules. The video and article explain the details.


In English (translated, audio+subtitles): In Russian (original) Slides:

© Rauf Aliev, October 2017

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