SAP HYBRIS: Thinking Outside the Box. PART 3 and 4 [VIDEO, RUSSIAN + ENGLISH]. Multi-word synonyms and automatic facet discovery

In this article, you will find the THIRD AND FOURTH parts of the 3-hour presentation given by Rauf Aliev (EPAM SAP hybris Solution Architect) in SAP Moscow on Sep 29, 2017. Next parts of the presentation are about the specific solutions, such as rule-based recommendation system and page fragment caching. The video is originally in Russian. However, I translated it to English and added the subtitles to let you watch it without turning the sound on. If you speak Russian, I recommend watching the original version.

Multi-word synonyms

Main article: The third part is about handling multi-word synonyms in hybris. Hybris doesn’t support phrasal synonyms because of limitations of SOLR, the search engine. I present a module that makes it work via customization of hybris search module. In English (translated, audio+subtitles): In Russian (original) Slides:

Automatic Facet Discovery

Main article: In the fourth part, I tell about automatic facet discovery. This mechanism allows you to deliver better user search experience to the customer by setting up the facets automatically. In English (translated, audio+subtitles): In Russian (original) Slides:

© Rauf Aliev, October 2017

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