SAP Hybris: Thinking Outside the box. PART 2 [VIDEO, RUSSIAN + ENGLISH]. Search Analytics

This is a SECOND part of the 3-hour presentation given by Rauf Aliev (EPAM SAP hybris Solution Architect) in SAP Moscow on Sep 29, 2017. Click here to watch the first part.
  • Part 1. Introduction
    • About me
    • Architecture & research
    • SAP hybris in a nutshell
  • Part 2. Search Analytics
Next parts of the presentation are about the specific solutions, such as rule-based recommendation system and page fragment caching. The video is originally in Russian. However, I translated it to English and added the subtitles to let you watch it without turning the sound on. If you speak Russian, I recommend watching the original version. In this video, I explain the details of the project of e-commerce search optimization project as well as the details of the software components developed for this purpose.  Using the approach from the video, you will be able to:
  • detect the issues with the search configuration
  • identify the weak points and bottlenecks of your search system
  • calculate search KPIs for your system
  • compare the search KPIs before and after the change
For example, the reports can show the following issues with the search:
  • there are many customers who looked for X. The relevant products for X are on the second page in the search results. The first page doesn’t have any relevant products.
  • there are search queries that don’t work: almost nobody buys the products from the search results
  • and so on
In English (translated, audio+subtitles): In Russian (original) Slides:

© Rauf Aliev, October 2017

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