Monthly Archives: November 2016

hybris Cockpit Framework Expert Customization Explained. Part I.

hybris Cockpit framework was introduced many years ago and now it is being decommissioned. However, due to various reasons, new projects and almost all of the existing are actively using this framework for extending hybris cockpits. It is one of the most challenging areas in hybris, because the framework is underdocumented, the code is very old. This article will shed some light on the topic and make difficult things clearer. I hope that this information will become a good addition to the official documentation.

Best strategies for sorting items in product lists

What is a best strategy for sorting products on the category pages? How hybris built-in product sorting capabilities can be improved? What options came from the previous century and need to be taken out?

Three things that every hybris project should consider

Every project in hybris is unique. The different set of modules, different configuration, different design, different customer expectations. Increasing demands and challenges make us create a highly customized solutions.

I was wondering what pieces of functionality would be good for any hybris project regardless of the specific purpose, requirement and expectations?

In this article, I will talk about three components that seem to be “must have” for all systems I can imagine. They are optional, and of course they will add some extra costs to your project. However, according to my vision, without them you spend more after the system is launched.

Hybris 1.0. A Retro Look Into 15-year-old Version

This weekend I played around with the first version of hybris, that was released in far 2001. What components from the initial version are alive today? How did they look like?

Hybris HAC secrets

Today’s blog update is about some hidden features of HAC: hidden pages and pop-ups, a system try notifier, and an easter egg .

What you don’t know about FlexibleSearch

Generally, FlexibleSearch engine is well-documented on hybris wiki. However, as one of the oldest components of hybris, the engine has undocumented behavior that’s good to know about. In this article, I am going to talk about field and type modifiers, predefined named values. You will also learn about an interesting issue with the “order by” markers.