Hybris HAC secrets

Today’s blog update is about some hidden features of HAC.

HAC Interceptors

You won’t find a link to this page in the navigation menu. To launch it, you need to change the URL manually to /development/interceptors. For example, for the local installation: https://localhost:9002/development/interceptors or https://localhost:9002/hac/development/interceptors 2016-10-28_17h59_42 2016-10-28_18h01_00.png

System Tray Notifications

Hybris uses Growl as a global notification system. Currently Growl is used for two types of notifications in HAC: Init/Update is finished and SQL Scripts are generated. Hybris assumes that growl is available in the system. For Windows it is a 3rd party tool that has to be installed separately. For Windows, the console utility must be in PATH to enable notifications. 2016-11-09_12h48_40 Growl is capable forwarding the messages to another computer. It may be useful for server installations.

Other minor undocumented features

If you click on the footer message, the popup window will inform you about the server configuration. 2016-11-09_07h04_12

Easter eggs

If you press “J” and “ESC” in any order, your HAC will go crazy: While on the subject of useless features… For some reason, HAC developers decided to add a hot key ,”Ctrl-Alt-H” to jump you back to the main page of HAC. You now know more about HAC. Nowhere, nowhere does it describe this stuff. Keep tuned!

© Rauf Aliev, November 2016

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  1. piotr hlawski (@phlawski)

    piotr hlawski (@phlawski)


    16 November 2016 at 08:00

    About system notify. It uses growl on Windows and older Mac machines. For new OS X it uses Notification Center (but you need terminal-notifier ruby gem installed) and on Linux systems it requires notify-send.

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