September 2016 – hybrismart | SAP hybris under the hood
Multi-instance development environment: symlinking hybris folders

he Hybris distribution needs around 3 Gb on your disk and consists of 30000 folders and around 134000 files. There was a need to have several hybris instances preconfigured for the specific purposes. There is nothing complicated to create a fresh copy to have a completely separate instance. However, this process takes time and the newly created distributive takes more than 3 Gb of my SSD. This article is about how to get a fresh copy of hybris instance in one minute with minimal disk space consumption.

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Data import: Two times faster than ImpEx

I found a way to speed up the data import in hybris. The experimental approach explained in this article will allow you to import data two times faster than you the regular Impex does.

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PredictionIO: Machine Learning in e-commerce. Complementary products based on the order history

Nowadays e-commerce companies need to analyze a large volume and a great variety of data on products, customers, transactions, and deliveries to increase conversion rate.

I managed to integrate hybris and PredictionIO machine learning server. There are different scenarios of using PredictionIO algorithms in e-commerce. This article demonstrates Complimentary categories functionality.

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Microsoft BOT Framework: chatbots and hybris. Skype, Facebook and other communication channels.

This article is about the integration of Microsoft Bot Framework and hybris. I created a PoC for Skype and Facebook. You will also find the useful information about using Microsoft Bot framework and Microsoft Language Understanding Intelligent Service (LUIS) for e-commerce applications.

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350+ hybris B2C websites [restricted access]

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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The JSP capabilities are poorly documented in hybris Wiki. It is anticipated that frontend and backend developers work closely with each other, and it is supposed that frontend developers expect that all necessary data are cooked by page and component controllers. However, there is some information that has already available in all JSP templates. Most of the variables listed here are hybris-specific and not officially documented. You can find some examples of the usage in hybris OOTB templates.

I put all this stuff here to use it as a reference for future.

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Facebook Messenger and hybris integration

Messenger allows customers to communicate with e-shop in a quick and effective manner, without the delays associated with email.

In my PoC, when a customer makes a purchase, the conversation begins via Messenger. The customer receives a notification, that is delivered instantly. I demonstrate that the automated updates are sent directly to the customers through Messenger, allowing them to track order status and ask questions all in one place. All customers’ messages are delivered to Customer Service Cockpit. Messenger makes it easy to answer questions about orders and invite your customers to check out related products.

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Angular2 and hybris integration

AngularJS is a great tool for building highly rich and super slick client-side web applications, particularly data driven applications. As being a framework, it dictates us to follow some rules that may not be completely compatible with other presentation layer frameworks and technologies.This article explains presents a PoC of hybris and Angular JS 2 integration.

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hybris CMS template structure reference

CMS templates are quite complicated in terms of dependencies and overall structure. The reference in this post will allow you to see a big picture and to avoid issues caused by shared tags or fragments.

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