Monthly Archives: March 2018

hybrismart Meets Friends: Mar’18 E-commerce Digest

In this post, I share some interesting material collected in March 2018. Hybris Deep Dive. Free e-book about microservices. Image similarity for filling attribution gaps. Deep learning in a nutshell. Product recommendation best practices. Examples of AI in retail and e-commerce. Better search. Checklist for improving e-commerce conversion. Worthy reading.

Automated Screenshot-Based Testing

In this article, I share my experience with screenshot testing tool. I created it to track changes of the large content website and alert if the changes turn out unexpected. Although this solution was created specifically for SAP hybris, this approach will work with any software: it is technology or platform agnostic.

Cloning Catalogs in SAP Hybris. Export/import whole catalogs in/from IMPEX

This article explains how to create a copy of the product or content catalog. For example, you may want to create a second store taking the existing as a starting point, or you may want to have a new country version of the existing e-shop. You can use this approach to create your own custom data exporter, with data transformation rules or special data handling.