Monthly Archives: December 2017

Useful Groovy Scripts. Part 4. Finding all external references to an object

The script I present today is designed for finding the references for any particular item in hybris. It can be useful if you want to figure out if the product or image or any other hybris object is used somewhere in the system.

Useful Groovy Scripts. Part 3. Flexible Search Query Generator

Today I present a groovy script for creating a Flexible Search query for any hybris type. You can use the generated query as a template for troubleshooting or data reconciliation. It automatically resolves the RelationType and ComposedType attributes to make the result set human readable.

Useful Groovy Scripts. Part 2.

In this article, I share my scripts for hybris logging subsystem (changing a log level for any class on the fly) and intercontext bean manipulation. For the second topic, I introduce the scripts for printing a list of all beans of the particular context (such as storefront), executing a method from the any bean, including RequestMapping-defined page controllers, and printing all URLs these controllers are associated with. These manipulations help with troubleshooting and early identifying of misconfiguration issues.