SAP hybris Commerce module map

I structured all SAP Hybris Commerce modules into the following dimensions:

  • By topic (Search, Marketing, Products, Shopping Cart & Checkout, Logistics, Contact Center, Account and customers, Personalization, Integration, Payment, CMS, Storefront & UI, System).
  • By Accelerator (B2C & Common, B2B, China Accelerator, Telco Accelerator, Financial Accelerator, Marketplace Accelerator).

This categorization may help you with:

  • Structuring the knowledge about the OOTB features
  • Preparing a business/technical requirement documents
  • Preparing a solution architecture document
    • Creating brand new modules
    • Upgrading the existing modules


P.S. If you don’t see the image above, you are likely the Firefox or IE user. Please use Google Chrome or Safari.  For some reasons, some versions of Chrome (old ones?) don’t display the image on Mac if it is incorporated in the page. Please let me know about your browser and OS, I will try to find ways to work around the limitations.

Click here to see the image.



  1. Yesh · · Reply

    Not able to see the image, because is not loading.


    1. What browser/OS?..


  2. Yesh · · Reply

    Able to see it in chrome only


    1. (Fixed)

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