Monthly Archives: April 2017

Promotion mechanics and their implementation in Hybris 6.x

In this article, I provide an overview of the common promotion mechanics and their default implementation in SAP hybris. You may be surprised to learn that some things don’t work as expected. I explain the edge cases and typical flaws with the default implementation and offer words of advice on how to build it properly.

Travel Accelerator 2.0

In January this year SAP released the second version of the Travel Accelerator. This comprehensive article has a purpose of familiarizing the reader with the concept of the Travel Accelerator 2.0, its internal architecture, capabilities and limitations.

Overcoming flaws of Fallback language mechanism

Introduction Fallback language function is designed to show the content in language X if language Y if not available. It is better to show the content in a English than nothing. At least SAP hybris designers thought so. This mechanism is attribute-level: it works for attributes that don’t have a localization for the current locale the additional […]

Multi-line product search

We developed a PoC that demonstrates an efficient way of making bulk orders directly from the search box. Cut-and-Paste a list of SKUs or a list of product names into a search box and create an order directly from there.