Monthly Archives: January 2017

Content Slot Editing Permissions in CMS Cockpit

This article explains how to disallow specific administrators from editing components of specific content slots. For example, “All administrators from the group “ContentAdmins” shouldn’t have access to any components of the content slot “Footer”.

Migrating data with Pentaho ETL (Kettle)

Pentaho Data Integration (also known as Kettle) is one of the leading open source integration solutions. With PDI/Kettle, you can take data from a multitude of sources, transform the data in a particular way, and load the data into just as many target systems. For this tutorial, I would like to demonstrate how to convert an XML file containing category data into Category Impex file using Pentaho Data Integration.

Best Practices: Migrating Content to hybris

Data migration, as a fundamental aspect of projects on modernizing legacy systems, has been recognized to be a challenging task that may result in failed projects as a whole. One of main reasons for time and budget overrun is the lack of a well-defined methodology that can help handle the complexity of data migration tasks. In this article I tell you about my own experience and my personal vision on the topic. I’ve been testing it in different projects where I was involved in for last 15 years. Data migration tools have been implemented by my teams and me in different programming languages, from Perl to Java.