Monthly Archives: October 2016

Mastering hybris Impex: Recipes and Secrets

In this article, I am going to tell you about undocumented/poorly documented capabilities of the ImpEx Engine. There are also a number of the nontrivial usage patterns that can be useful in your projects.

hybris 6.2 frontend updates

This article is focused on the storefront-related changes in hybris 6.2, specifically in HTML templates, styles and javascripts. If you are considering an update to 6.2 from the previous versions (especially, hybris 6.1), this information should be useful.

hybris 6.2 data model and bean updates

In October 2016, SAP introduced hybris 6.2. This technical reference lists all new and updated itemtypes, attributes and beans. They generally have self-explanatory names, so this information will help you to get a starting point for a deeper research.

Product Design for Variants

Variants are a common concept in e-commerce systems: products that differ in some aspect from one another but are based on the same model. In this article I explain five different architecture design patterns used for the product variant modeling. Examples, pros and cons, special cases, limitations.

Geofencing in Hybris: Custom Shipping/Sourcing Zones

A geofence is a virtual perimeter or a fence around a geographical real-world area of interest. In this article I introduce a proof-of-concept that demonstrates the power of geofencing in the e-commerce. The available delivery and payment methods, delivery cost and time calculations, product prices and taxes can depend on geographical areas the customer is in.

Using Drools Fusion for complex event processing in hybris

In this post, I would like to introduce the first results of Drools Fusion and Hybris integration. The solution explained in this article will allow you to create customer behavior driven e-commerce websites with real-time personalization and customer segmentation capabilities. The approach can be also used for the monitoring and the lean data processing.

Managing localized messages via backoffice

Some information displayed on the hybris-powered website is likely not editable via back office tools if you use the default hybris. Actually, there are thousands of hard-coded phrases and words in the storefront templates. This article introduces an extension that allows you to move all this stuff in the database to be able to manage this information via backoffice.