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Crop & resize in Product Cockpit 2.0: A bridge over the Impossible

Read about a “Image Crop and Resize 2.0”, the product we developed in a matter of days to win the competition in EPAM! The target was to create an extension for resizing and cropping images to a given size directly in hybris Product Cockpit. Eventually we won the contest!

hybris FlexibleSearch Chrome Extension

In this article, I would like to introduce a new development tool, “FlexibleSearch Chrome Extension”. This utility provides an interface for hybris flexible search queries in more convenient way than hybris OOTB does.


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Hybris 6.3 bean updates

This post is a reference, semi-autogenerated. It shows the differences in bean definitions between hybris 6.3 and 6.4. Most of the beans have self-explanatory names, so I decided not to add any comments to them to keep the structure clear. Each section has three subsections, “Added beans”, “Changed beans” and “Removed beans”.

Hybris 6.3 Data model Updates

This reference helps with understanding of the key changes in hybris 6.3 the data model