Monthly Archives: December 2016

Improve hybris Startup time up to 50%

I’ve done some findings that helped me get the hybris startup time down to 40-50%. This article provides several recommendations on how to make hybris/Tomcat to start up faster.

Excluding Certain Products from Total Cart Value Calculation (PromoEngine)

In one of our projects we have a requirement to exclude certain products from the total cart value calculation. So, for example, we would have a custom condition which would trigger a free gift action if the order total > 200 without including product A and product B on the order. This is a good example of the requirement that looks tough for hybris. I’m sharing my solution with you as well as a video demonstration and architecture details.

Hybris Cockpit Configuration Explained

Hybris Cockpit Framework uses configuration files for customizing UI components. According to hybris documentation, there are three levels of customization: easy, medium and expert. This article is about “easy customization”, via XML files. In this article, I focus on one aspect of the cockpit UI configuration: cockpit UI configuration files from the folder resource/-config/. Despite the fact that the documentation of this part of hybris is not bad, I took some notes that formed the core of this article.